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Why Fresh Meals

Are you tired of that traditional preservative kibble food?
Time to break up with kibbles!
Do you crave that fresh, healthy, and tasty nutritious food just like your parent have it daily?
PetWagon Fresh Meals have got you covered.
We provide you with Fresh, Healthy, and Preservative free, and that too at your doorstep.

The Benefits Of Feeding Your Pet A Fresh Food Diet
Healthier Skin

Fresh food helps keep your pet’s coat shiny, healthy, and soft which aids in both hydration and preventing shedding.

Higher Energy Levels

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and animal proteins in your pet’s diet provide them with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber.

Better Digestion

Fresh food containing ample fruit and vegetables is particularly digestible for pets due to its high fiber content. This prevents upset tummies and results in fewer and more regular bowel movements.

Weight Management

Fresh meals with higher protein and fewer fillers help your pet maintain a healthy weight.

Allergy Relief

So many pets suffer from allergies and it can be so difficult to narrow down the exact cause. Fresh, grain-free, and filler-free food can be the answer to your pet’s food allergy woes.

No ‘Surprise’ Ingredients

Ever really read the list of ingredients on that bag of Petfood? A lot of it may surprise you… if you can even pronounce it! Feeding your pet a fresh diet with limited ingredients (all of which you know) gives peace of mind to both you and your pet.

Benefits of Pet Wagon Fresh Meals

Our Fresh Meals are customized in accordance with your pet’s health and choices. Fresh Meals means real ingredients you can actually see in your pet’s bowl.

With fresh food, you can always see how much meat and fresh produce is used, whereas most commercial dog foods are extremely processed and can be loaded with hidden ingredients and additives that have been known to cause health issues.

PetWagon Fresh Meals uses only whole food ingredients, each clearly labeled for peace of mind, with no guesswork or sweeping statements to vaguely suggest any group of ingredients.


Wholesome Meal

(Chicken, Organ Meat, Fish, Egg/Anchovies, Rice, Supplements, Veggies)

Vegetarian Meal

(Tofu/Paneer, Soya, Sweet Potato, Supplements, Veggies)

Grain-Free Meal

(Chicken, Fish, Sweet Potato, Egg/Anchovies, Supplements, Veggies)

Customized Meal

(Based on the medical and nutritional needs)
Fresh Meal Flow

OUR GALLERYTake a closer look

OUR GALLERYTake a closer look

Freshly cooked food would be delivered on a daily basis.
The ingredients and the nutrition value would be customized based on the pet’s health and requirement.
If the pet is traveling the pet parent can inform 5 days prior so that we can send a vacuum-packed box that will stay fresh for more than 30 days.
If the location of the place where the food is to be delivered changes the pet parent will have to inform 5 days prior so that we can make the arrangements accordingly.
a. Organ Meat- Chicken liver/ Heart
b. Veggies- Carrot/ Pumpkin/ Green Beans/ Coconut/ Cauliflower/ Green Peas/ Spinach/ Corn/ Beetroot/
Cabbage/ Capsicum/ Chickpeas/ Apple/ Cucumber
c. Supplements- Herb Powder/ Ginger powder/ Eggshell Powder/ Bone Powder/ Flax Seeds/ Sesame seeds/
Chia Seeds/ Fenugreek Seeds/ Ghee/ Cocunut Oil

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